12 signs to recognize a narcissist

1. He doesn’t have patience for the problems of others.

Narcissism is characterized by excessive self-interest. This means that the individual doesn’t care about others’ experiences. Dr. Sander van der Linden, a psychologist, explains that narcissists have a low sense of empathy. This makes it difficult to relate to others’ thoughts, feelings, or suffering.

2. She is charming, attractive, and charming.

Narcissists create a great first impression by appearing confident, excited, attractive, competent, and warm to others. According to Frontiers in Psychology research, they are often the most well-known or engaging people in a room. People feel attracted to their overwhelming attraction, even if they don’t know them. The shiny social cortex quickly fades, and the more you spend time with them, the more negative aspects begin to take root.

3. He is a leader and takes charge.

According to a study published by the Journal of Individual Psychology, leadership roles can be a magnet for people with narcissistic personalities. Researchers found that narcissists can be good leaders up to a certain point. Because eventually, those under their control may tire of being arrogant, exploitative, or unjust.

4. Pass on friends quickly

This is the paradox of narcissists. They denigrate and hate others but desperately need their admiration. They are always looking for new friends to love and praise, but they lose sight of them once they get too real. Dr. Mitja Schwarz explains that admiration is like a drug to narcissists. It becomes more complicated when others don’t applaud them. They must therefore continue to search for new friends from whom they can get the next solution.

5. He is the master of maneuvers.

Dr. Van der Linden states that manipulation and exploitation are the narcissist’s modes of operation in relationships. Friends, family, and love only benefit the narcissist’s needs. A major manipulator can often ruin a healthy relationship, turning it into one that is toxic.

6. We can’t stop talking about how awesome she is

Dr. van der Linden states that narcissists love to talk about themselves and what they have accomplished. This is why a tendency for excessive arrogance and showoffs can be a clue about their true nature. They don’t believe they are superior to others but do not just claim they are the best. He adds that narcissism is marked by delusions of grandeur, an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and entitlement.

7. Can’t Handle Criticism

Dr. Van der Linden says that while some narcissists may be more introverted than others, many narcissists react aggressively and defensively to criticisms or failures. They can respond to weakness aggressively, even if neutral, by screaming, crying, anger, or other aggressive behavior.

8. She is obsessed with the latest fashions.

Research in Personality found that being too self-indulgent can lead to an obsession with appearance and a desire to be the most attractive person in the group. Narcissists spend a lot of effort and time “creating an attractive cortex.” This is achieved through expensive clothes, makeup, cars, accessories, and other public displays that show power and status.

9. He won’t take a no

Narcissists tend to be apathetic and feel entitled. They are more likely than others to push for their agenda and refuse to accept any alternative or negative response. This can lead to criminality. According to a University of Georgia study, narcissistic males are more likely than others to be raped and sexually assaulted.

10. It is so dangerous

Although it may seem absurd, Dr. Zlatan Krizan says that insecure narcissism and insecure narcissism go hand-in-hand. He says these individuals believe they are unique and want to be great but can’t. They are often weak, and their self-esteem fluctuates a lot. They tend to be passive, shy, and introverted, not being proactive and self-aware.

11. He is a psycho.

According to a study published by the Journal of Social and Interpersonal Relationships, people with narcissistic personalities tend to have more partners and are more likely to cheat in a relationship. They may get harmful pleasure from convincing others to do sexual acts they wouldn’t otherwise because they cannot empathize and want to control them.

12. They’ll tell you straight.

Although most people see a narcissist as a negative trait, they may also be proud of their narcissistic personalities. It will depend on the individual and the situation, but there is a good chance they will tell you. Dr. van der Linden says that our research and colleagues have shown that people are pretty willing to identify themselves as narcissists. Narcissists may find it easier to identify themselves as narcissists by using the label “narcissist.” It indicates they are in a unique circumstance, making them feel more special”.8