5 Things The Narcissist Destroys To Break You And Control You

Today, I’ll discuss three ways narcissists target and tear us down. Since narcissists are able with the intention of stealing, kill, and demolish. They seek out those with light and love to dominate and conquer. They are predators that are always hunting. They are hungry for money, positions, and control and will do anything to get these things.

Thus, they lure us with the role of either the victim or the hero before they slowly, but indeed, take us on. Their only goal is to make us feel confused, to make us feel weak, and to control us. This is evident in every narcissistic relationship, whether between parents, children, lovers, or even friends. Narcissists want to be dominant in every circumstance. So, whether within the family group, at work, or even in the social group, a narcissist desires to be noticed or appreciated in a manner that marks them apart from the rest of the group.

If they are part of an organization, they examine who is the most influential in the group, and that’s the person they’ll be targeting and attempting to get to know. They’ll mimic your best qualities if they are in relationships and claim they share your values. However, whatever the case, the narcissist isn’t seeking to be equal to you.

The goal is to take over or steal the power, position, identity, or power. In this article, narcissists target those who are weak and powerful. That is, people unaware of narcissists and those who live are fully informed of what they are. Everyone is susceptible to being victimized by a person who is a narcissist. After they have entered, the aim remains the same. They’ll turn against you. They will come after you and try to take you down.

The things I’m about to pass through could happen in any order or at the same time; however, they are not guaranteed to happen simultaneously. The narcissist will likely accomplish these actions to get as much control as possible. Therefore, one among the things that a person who is a narcissist will target is your relationship with others. No matter what family or friendships you have, the narcissist will try ways to create conflicts. They’ll try to denigrate and triangulate those close to them and become the sole person you can trust.

The narcissist attempts to separate you by creating a distrust of people who believe they’re too close to you. The narcissist wants you to put your back against the person or their back to you.

The narcissist will take all of you to themselves to ensure that you don’t have someone to call for help when they do something to you. Another thing that the narrator will target will be your self-esteem. They’ll be highly critical or scathing about your actions. It is always fascinating to me how a narcissist will build the person up before taking them down. Because of these traits, they were adept at being very efficient. Because they’ve demonstrated that we were sincere and made us feel special, and then reversed course and turned around in a flash, we think their critiques and devaluations must be the same. They will critique your words, actions, you do, as well as your appearance. They will shine a light on you, making you doubt your thinking and capabilities. They’ll give you humiliating or snide looks. They can quickly get frustrated or angry with you. They’ll belittle you and won’t be a fan of your opinions. They’ll ignore your views or suggestions.

Gradually they’ll perform these actions to cause you to be skeptical of your worth in your appearance, beauty, and ability to think for yourself. The ultimate goal of a narcissist is her mental well-being. That’s what they were trying to do from the beginning when they had destroyed your relationships, treated you differently, made you feel less valuable, and even hit you.

These are stressful, emotionally, and stress-inducing. However, the atmosphere created by a narcissist between you can be highly damaging and stressful, as, at one point, it is entertaining, while the next, it’s quiet, moody, and angry. Sometimes, they will disappear, not bother your presence, or even stalk you for a few minutes.

Without an explanation, they change from angels to evil demons. They can go from being hilarious to depressed. This inconsistency can cause things to be quite stressful and emotionally challenging when dealing with the narcissist and not cause any harm. Narcissists aren’t concerned about whether their behavior might impact others. However, they are also consciously putting us under intense mental pressure. Stress can hinder people from thinking clearly.

Stress can cause you to become physically sick. Stress can expose you to manipulation and alter your judgment. These are all part of the game played by the narcissist to control and weaken your mind and body. It’s a war on your brain’s power, something I’ve written about in this piece.

The narcissist would like to control your brain. They know that if they mentally destroy you, they’ll be in a position to hold you forever. It’s interesting to note that all of this will be achieved if you believe in the person who is a narcissist. That’s why they try so hard to convince us and convince us to trust them first. This is why they try to make us believe that they’re an answer to prayers or that they are trustworthy, reliable, and caring. They provide us with their false image to lure us and destroy us. The narcissist is looking for your attention. They’re after your money. They want your thoughts. They want to take over your life. That’s why I always advise you not to give them anything.

A narcissist is never content with what they receive from you. They won’t be grateful for your sacrifices to help them. They are not interested in anyone else and will continue criticizing or defaming you. If you’ve realized you’re dealing with a toxic personality type, maintain your distance. The more they don’t know about you, the more private. Do not let them in your personal space or introduce them to friends or those you love. Pay attention to those close to the person who is a narcissist. They may be confused or unaware of the narcissist’s motives, which may indicate your trust. Our world is in danger, and we must be more vigilant to safeguard ourselves, our health, our peace, and our joy. However, as always, I hope this will help.1