6 Things Narcissists Do When There’s No Contact

If you’re in a narcissistic relationship, it is all about him. Is that not the case? It can be confusing and exhausting. It can be frustrating and exhausting. Oh my goodness, I will finally be able to make the changes I want in my life. Right?

However, narcissists won’t let that happen.

It can be complicated to stop contacting the narcissist or keep them from contact. We all know how manipulative narcissists can be and the many tactics they will use to keep you in their vicious, mischievous loop. Narcissists will do whatever it takes to get you out of contact.

Here’s the good news. It might be easier to get through this if you take the time to understand how things work, patterns, behavior, and what you can expect. Today’s article will focus on precisely this topic. Let’s get to it.

1. Smear campaigns

When you aren’t communicating with them, a narcissist is likely to launch a smear campaign after failing to communicate. Narcissists are averse to rejection and won’t accept any rejection. The narcissist can be rejected by cutting off their narcissistic supply and not contacting them. This causes narcissistic injury. They will now make you feel bad and denigrate other people.

They will tell everyone they can about how horrible you are. They will lie, gossip, show, and create untrue stories to convince people they are victims.

2. Narcissists will call you to ask about random things.

Narcissists will do anything to see if you’re still dependent on them. To be more present, they will ask for trivial things. Narcissists hate to lose and will not accept the fact that they have rejected or ignored them. They won’t give up on their narcissistic supply easily. These people will return to you, ask questions, or pretend to be with someone else.

The narcissist may do this to see if they can provoke you or elicit a response from you. If they get a reaction, they know you are still addicted to them. They have an easy way into your life.

These provocations should not be responded to. Do not share or maintain any connection. If you do, you will be looking for answers and trying to get them to accept responsibility. You will then get hurt again.

3. A false apology

The narcissist will send you gifts, messages, emails, and cards. They may even call you pretending that you are taking responsibility for your actions and promising to make amends. Do not fall for this. Narcissists will do anything to get you back in the cycle of abuse.

They will pretend to be reconciling and accepting, but they will have a long and deep conversation with you to try and figure out why they behave the way they do. These narcissistic lies and tactics are not worth your time. This is a lie to convince you that they have changed, and you can get them back.

It can be difficult to resist this temptation because it makes you believe the narcissist is now different. The narcissist finally realized what I had always said. You’ll soon be back at square one in the vicious cycle of abuse.

4. The Narcissist Will Hoover You

The classic narcissistic maneuver is the Hoover. This traditional narcissistic strategy is all about timing and getting their supply back. This has nothing to do with love or missing you.

If you do not communicate with the narcissist, they will try to take you away more. Even if they reject you, they will conceal you, especially if they ignore you, because they want to regain control and power and get you back in that unhealthy relationship with them. It’s a game for narcissists.

5. Stalking

This is very common if you don’t get along with a narcissist. If you stop calling, a narcissist will stalk and harass you, especially the narcissist on the upper end, the “most malicious type of narcissist.”

Malignant narcissists will be persistent with their victims. They are obsessed with the constant supply of supplies they receive. The lack of contact has left you completely shocked.

You will be able to communicate with the narcissist as an opportunity to secure your peace and sanity and heal from their abuse. It’s a game for narcissists. It is all about power, control, and winning.

6. Guilt is Your Journey

You should be ready for the narcissist’s attempts to frustrate and exploit your empathy and sympathy by playing the victim.

They will tell you all the bad things that have happened to them. The narcissist may lie to claim that they lost their job, are in hospital with cancer, etc. A narcissist who can make you feel sorry about them will know they still have a chance.

Narcissists know that you are compassionate by nature. Influences are known for their compassion and empathy. This is a considerable advantage for narcissists.

To get you back, narcissists will attempt to get you to feel empathy. Empaths can help someone they once loved even if they treat you poorly. You will fall for this type of a person if you’re that kind. The narcissist will easily trap you. It would help if you were vital to avoid falling into the trap. You will only get more pain and suffering.

Face yourself and accept that you cannot help or heal every person who is broken. Narcissists will seek out help from others if they need it. It would help if you avoided the narcissist, regardless of whether they are true. If you want to heal, get better and live a happy, fulfilled life, you must stay away.

Keep in touch. Stay connected. Never return to a narcissist. Narcissists can be violent and dangerous once they realize the situation is over. They are not able to take rejection well. Be careful, even when you allow the narcissist to fall.