Dating Prospects Often Fizzle Due To Codependent Behaviors

My girlfriend was in the market to start a relationship and was determined to find the right person to get married to and raise children. She downloaded a variety of dating apps and began to search.

There were a lot of first dates, and not all of them worked, but occasionally the sparks went off. Following those dates, she began thinking about what she would do with this perfect guy…until they stopped being interested after a few months.

It repeatedly happened until she finally realized what was happening and that her expectations and behavior could impact what occurred in her relationships.

There are many reasons people stop being interested. For instance, in my case, as a friend, she was looking for an affair so severely that I suspect she regularly is anxious about her dates.

There are four reasons your possible lover… becomes bored.

You are concerned because it smells like despair.

I’ve kept a journal since I was seven years old. Looking back at my early years, I can see that I was all concerned about having a partner.

There was a guy whom I believed was my soulmate. The families we shared were very close. I spent around ten years in love with the one who showed no interest in me dating.

When I finally revealed my feelings towards him at 14, he yelled to the heavens that it was apparent to everyone who knew. My desperation was so evident that I was able to show everyone how much I loved it.

But, despite the evident rejection sat for around four more years waiting to meet the man who could never be my own… That was the point of all this time.

Your confidence is at rock the bottom

When I ended my relationship with my college sweetheart during my second semester of college, I was not too upset since I thought I’d meet many college students.

Nobody wanted to date me because I lacked confidence in myself.

At the time, I blamed the absence of dates on my hair, which I attempted to dye purple, but it looked light green. But, when I look back, it was nothing related to my hair.

I was lost following my breakup, and it seemed that everyone in the dating pool could identify my fears.

The timing was horrible.

After I moved to a new city couple of years ago, I thought of trying some dating apps. I was on about a dozen initial dates, but there was only one person who got my interest.

He was funny, intelligent, attractive, and everything I wanted except for one minor problem.

He was recently divorced from his childhood love. I could tell right away that he didn’t want something serious, but I was able to make him feel hurt when he stayed with me.

He was not ready to be in a relationship, and even when you believe that he “said,” it probably wouldn’t be true. He required time to recover from the breakup, and I shouldn’t have pursued someone very aware that I was going through a relapse.

You will spend a lot of time with them.

A man approached me as I was in the line to buy bread, and we ended up being friends for months. After two months, he decided to have dinner and every meal together. If I say that I need time to enjoy some time with my buddies, he’ll be happy to invite me whenever I go.

I felt trapped and suffocated and annoyed since I couldn’t remember any time he was not there. I started to withdraw, and the feelings waned as fast as they began.

It’s tempting to spend all of your time with a potential partner; however, it is essential to resist the temptation. Taking time with someone else is vital to understand that you aren’t enjoying the person you’re having fun with.

If you’re wondering what happened to my boyfriend, this story is happy to end.

She became more selective about whom she would be with and set aside her own time on her own. If you were on an evening date during the wonderful week and didn’t, you weren’t worried. Matches and applications are never going away.

After a few months, she was introduced to an incredible guy, and at the time, she was not expecting anything. She was looking to have fun and meet him at an average pace. Some years ago, she went on her snowboarding and suggested to a photographer who was hiding behind the bush to capture their most memorable moment.

As cliché as it may be, that moment when she stopped working to find a love interest was the moment she took a swipe and found the perfect match.