It’s not easy to break up with a narcissist. Expect a volatile reaction.

A few years back, I was able to leave a relationship characterized by narcissistic abuse. But I didn’t know what was coming next. I was not prepared or educated and fell for the scams of my ex-partner again.

Although I was able, in the end, to walk away from the situation for good, it wasn’t easy.

Today, I speak with/work with victims who repeatedly fall for post-breakup scams by narcissists.

You must be ready for their manipulative ways if you want to leave. You should do these things when you let go of a narcissist.

They will ask you to remain.

After I split with my narcissistic ex, I visited him in person. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, I felt the need to be courageous then.

Due to the violence I had witnessed in our relationship, I brought a friend along who waited outside his apartment.

When I was done, he began to shake his head.

You are my love, and we will be better together. I will change. You are the one I have been waiting for.”

I had complete control over the situation for the first time in our marriage.

You aren’t… and you won’t change. I’m done. After the night you raped me, I should have gone.”

I’m not in love anymore with games. I meant everything I said.

He stops listening and understanding, and suddenly his mood changes. This is the second thing that you should expect.

They will get into narcissistic rage.

Narcissists are not used to being apart from their victims. They usually dispose of their victims and leave them.

Sometimes, their victims will be able to stand up against them and walk away as I did.

This is my diary of the moment I ended my relationship with my narcissistic ex.

His behavior immediately changed. He got up and began cleaning in a manner that could only be described as insane. I tried to comment on his behavior, but it was pointless. He did not have any reason to do what he did.

I took the items that were still there. He looked at me as I did, and in a way, no one had seen before.

He wanted me to be strangled. He wanted me to die. He wanted me to be killed. He was able to calm down and give me the middle finger as he walked out of his apartment.

Love may be the first bombing.

Remember that a narcissist will only get you back if you give them the magic.

I get messages from victims begging me to let go of the narcissist.

Although they often succeed, the love bombardment begins again once they leave. This is also known as hoovering. It’s when a narcissist attempts to convince his victim to return to the relationship after he escapes.

They have been repeatedly told that they will see a change and that their ex-partner has begun therapy.

They usually give in to the narcissist and allow them to take them back within a few days.

They will also bring a trial against your case.

When narcissists realize their attempt to obstruct is futile, they will start to play dirty.

It is essential to realize that the moment you end a relationship with a narcissist, you have taken their control away and will do whatever it takes to get it back.

This is done primarily by a smear operation.

It was her smear campaign against me when I told all our mutual friends that he had left me for another man and that I had been unfaithful throughout our relationship.

Although this was false, I began to get messages before I realized it. They said they could not be friends with someone who had cheated on a friend.

My ex had been cheating on me for years, but I soon realized it wasn’t necessary.

You can prepare for a smear campaign if you end your relationship.

Try your best to avoid getting involved if you have children together, and log/track all communications.

This is not a typical breakup.

This is not a scare tactic. This is not a scare tactic. I am trying to help you prepare for what will happen if you split with someone with NPD.

I have often spoken to victims who fell for the same tricks as their abusers. I was a victim of the same scams once and wished someone could warn me.

You can do it. You can turn away from anyone who causes you pain or harms your happiness.

Although learning is not easy, it will be the most rewarding thing you do.