Narcissists Exhibit Specific Behaviors When Communicating

I learned a long time back that talking to someone who is a narcissist won’t be a stroll across the road.

It’s similar to walking through the middle of a storm.

A while ago, I was in an intimate relationship with a narcissist. I was always wondering what was wrong with me. Conversations never went anywhere. After our discussions, I always felt exhausted and depleted, and my mind was racing due to all the nonsense.

From beginning to end, the narcissists will make sure to influence the conversation according to their desires.

Here are some ways they can ensure communication is on the right track.

They will decide on the topic of the conversation.

I didn’t understand why I had a relationship with someone who seemed to share the same interests at first glance, but today we only talked about two subjects.

Music and conspiracy theories.

My conversation will change quickly if I attempt to discuss my day or anything happening at work.

After a few weeks, I noticed that he didn’t wish to discuss anything other than the two subjects.

To maintain peace, I quit, and we rarely discussed the subjects he was more interested in.

They will constantly interrupt you.

My younger brother suffers from Narcissistic personality Disorder (NPD) as well. It’s impossible to make an answer without interfering with his.

When I was the last time I saw him, he was screaming for hours, and my companion and I could not say anything no matter how hard we tried.

Through frequent interruptions, the narcissist’s behavior enhances the false impression of self-importance and entitlement.

It was to the point that I attempted to talk and then put my finger on my lips for him to “silence me.”

Since there was a guest at my apartment that which I shared with my most trusted friend, we were not happy.

That night, I realized how he’d manipulated conversations we’ve had through the years and how unbalanced the discussions had been between us.

They’ll Act Like The “Experts”

While working with my former boss (that’s how we first got acquainted), he decided that it was worth the promotion.

In the days that followed, he constantly discovered that he could know more about sales than anybody else and that he was also the most qualified candidate.

But for one considered an “expert,” his numbers and performance didn’t reflect that. It was the department with the lowest sales numbers for our entire department.

I was an account executive at the top of this company. However, I was treated like he was an expert and was absolutely nothing.

They’ll Boast About Their “Achievements”

Have you noticed that a highly prosperous and secure person does not need to flaunt their accomplishments?

A lot of narcissists love to boast about their egos in extravagant and exaggerated words, whether it’s their physical appearance, their material objects (the prize), social popularity, thrilling lifestyle, achievements with merit badges as well as high-ranking organizations, or any other qualities that are worthy of admiration.

My ex-boyfriend would constantly talk about his time with his group. Even when they broke together and played only some local gigs, the band would always talk about how fantastic they were. They still were able to give their appearances “a great time.”

He also boasted about his friendship with his manager at work and frequently claimed that it would aid him in climbing the ladder; however, this wasn’t the case in any way.

You Realize They Never Listen

At the beginning of my friendship with the depraved, the man seemed to be listening to what I had to say.

I didn’t realize until later that the mirror was mirrored to figure out how to manipulate and control me later on.

After our relationship, one of my friends asked him about my interests. He could not even respond.

Then I realized that it was evident that he didn’t even know me because I barely had the chance to discuss myself. He was constantly interfering with me.

Don’t take time and time trying to make contact with an egotist. They’ll never be listening to you, and I assure you that your time can be better utilized elsewhere.