Narcissists Manipulate Victims By Utilizing “Future Faking”

If I had to list the most manipulative acts that a narcissist could do, it would not be the apparent charm or violent anger he displays when he isn’t getting what he wants.

The most forceful manipulation took place by skill. It occurred in the instances where the narcissist of the future would casually refer to or request me to put him in the top spot rather than my peers because they missed me. Manipulation was when he slowly made his judgment above mine or acted worried while exercising his power.

Remote manipulation. Attackers are aware of the need to take care and be strategic in constructing the poisonous web of their victims.

Subtle manipulative techniques are often overlooked even though they have the highest chance that the targeted person could be involved in an abusive or toxic relationship. They may manifest in the following ways.

1. You’ll start to become isolated intimately.

The narcissist was always looking for me every single time. If I were planning a trip with my friends, he would insist that I leave earlier so that I could spend time together. Even though I was chatting regarding plans with him, he would beg to see me and claim that he loved the most and needed my time.

At that moment, I felt beautiful and sweet. I was unaware that what he described as a desire to be intimate and time together was just an excuse to be alone to gain control.

It’s normal for you to always be in love with your significant other at the beginning of your relationship. But, a healthy person has his own life and friends and will not force you to meet them, so they may begin to isolate themselves constantly.

2. They will conceal the fact they feel is at stake.

Narcissists will always talk negatively about the victim’s friends and family members. They will try to convince you of their falsehoods that loved ones in your life do not care about your best interests at heart. When this story continues to be woven, the victim begins to question if anyone they meet is harmful.

The victim is always cautious of the influence within their relationship that could be able to recognize their behavior or help the victim acknowledge that they’re in a risky situation.

In the end, your social circle can be a danger to the narcissist, and they’ll begin to plant the seeds before they challenge all other relationships you have in your life.

3. They will place themselves over you.

The person who is a narcissist is an expert in every aspect, and they’ll inform you to be completely confident in them because they’ve got your interests in their mind.

When you place yourself in the position of someone who is an authority, be tempted to doubt your abilities and think they are more. This gives them the upper hand over the rest of the field. In the end, you’ll let them take the whole shot, opening the possibility for them to begin igniting the fire on their target.

Anyone who tells you they’re superior or superior to you isn’t a healthy relationship partner in any form or manner. The relationship should be equally balanced; if they’re not, then it’s an unhealthy, unbalanced playing field.

4. They will be armed to stop their victim from departing.

In the beginning, when you first started dating a narcissist, discuss the future and how we had soulmates.

It was only after the fact, in the aftermath, that I realized promising me a fantastic future together was a deceitful tactic dubbed “future fake,” often employed by narcissists to make victims feel more intimate and at ease with them, especially in the initial stages of the relationship.

The futuristic fake of the narcissist ended. It was like it was a loss or death.

The gorgeous picture the person manipulating it created faded away and was never seen again. The only thing that remains is anger, invalidation, and violence.

It is often difficult to identify any tampering.

People who haven’t experienced narcissistic abuse often find it difficult to relate to those who have suffered or to empathize with their own experiences.

Victims are often blamed for “should know better” or “recognizing the signs” that someone was narcissistic/abusive.

Indeed, the most well-informed and educated people do not recognize the indications. Narcissists typically target people with good character and strength since they know they cannot possess those qualities themselves.

It’s essential to be aware that manipulation can be subtle and, frequently, that little voice at the rear of our heads will not start yelling that something isn’t right until long after we’ve gotten into the process.