Narcissists To Control Victims use Mind Games

Many victims of narcissistic abuse suffer years of trauma and even PTSD when they leave a relationship.

You have suffered years, decades, or even decades of manipulation if you are a victim of narcissistic abuse.

This is normal. They can control their destiny if they play games. They can handle everything and anything if they do.

They are both playing a game, and the goal is to win. This allows them to balance their needs with multiple people without being intimate or meeting their partner’s needs.

These are just five examples of narcissists’ most common mind tricks in manipulating their partner.

They will distort reality for you.

Gas lighting is something you have probably heard about by now. However, I cannot stress enough how damaging it can be to someone’s mental well-being.

Many people believe they have early dementia.

Here are some examples of gaslighting:

  • You imagine things that have never happened.
  • You are so sexy! You exaggerate.
  • I didn’t say that I was going out Friday night, but I did say on Saturday that I had it wrong.

If you leave, they’ll hover to bring you back.

My best friend recently divorced a narcissist. The messages flooded her within the first month of the divorce. One morning, I woke up to 76 text messages and ten voicemails. I was shown some news, but it was only fleeting attempts to retrieve it with some random blaming/threats.

“Baby, you are the love of mine. I’m currently in therapy and have made significant changes. You are a part of my life.

“You know exactly what you did. I will expose you to your family and friends if you don’t respond. You will be exposed!”

“My love, my queen. You are my queen.

“I will not die without you.”

They will show you everything.

When I confronted my narcissistic ex-wife for cheating on me, I expected remorse/tears/apologies/actions.

I was able to find no emotion or disinterest. “You didn’t give me what I needed, so I had to find it elsewhere. I made your mistake.”

Even though the incident had nothing to do with me, my ex presented his actions and made me believe that I was not good enough to make him cheat on me.

He was able to use the projection to manipulate me, and he could blame me for my actions.

If you confront them, they will react with narcissistic anger.

Recently, I talked with a client about how he had confronted and told his wife that he believed she needed therapy after suffering more than a decade of abuse.

He was furious and verbally and physically abusive to her for more than a week.

Narcissists know they won’t be confronted again if they react angrily to being engaged. Who wants to vent their emotions when a hurricane faces them?

They will launch an attack campaign to discredit your reputation.

Ex-narcissist had friends who he introduced me to as his “tribe.” They were warm and welcoming, even though they had broken up with me.

The girls from the group I was close friends with completely blocked me. It was probably because we had broken up until I met a bunch of them at a bar one night.

“I don’t believe he was tricked,” a friend told me.

“And they stole him his money!” Last ding in.

I was stunned when they left and realized my ex-husband had smeared me and lied to me to ensure I was cut off from all my life.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall for these mind games.

Victims of this kind of abuse often ask me how they fell for mind tricks and games. Narcissistic abuse can lead to shame and disbelief.

It’s not your fault. A professional manipulator has deceived you. The king/queen or their trade has deceived you. You don’t need to be ashamed or blamed. I was a victim.

These mind games will help you avoid falling in love again once you are familiar with them.