Relationship with a Vulnerable Narcissist

Although the weak narcissist might appear confident and have a positive self-image, it is only. They are hiding a lot of their security behind all their courage.

Narcissists often associate with others in sure of their doubts. How they view themselves and others are what defines intimacy and depth. There are two types of narcissists. (See: weak, narcissistic, soft.

What weak narcissists long for

The “prosthetic” type is what weak narcissists refer to. Because their enlarged images show fundamental insecurity.

Insecurity can lead to insecurity

They are looking for admiration.

Fish are often caught for praise and recognition.

They need constant reassurance.

They compare themselves constantly to others.

They must know how they think they are stacking up against the competition.

They don’t feel happy unless they believe they are at the top of the pile.

Narcissists can cause problems in relationships because they are always connected to them. They are so focused on themselves and their desires that they don’t allow others to see them. The intimate relationship is affected when they don’t care enough about you and your needs.

What is the accusation against the partners of weak narcissists?

Humans have been drawn to intimate relationships from their earliest days. Infants can’t thrive without emotional and physical contact. This human “communication” is not going away. Only secret intimacy should grow in our lives. Loss of rapprochement is the biggest complaint among the partners in a relationship.

You can be a reasonable observer and give them positive strikes.

Ask them for something, especially attention to your needs and desires. They don’t know how to be quick. They don’t know how to pay attention. They are unable to be in touch with their own needs and desires. They cannot pay attention or care for other people’s needs. The relationship suffers because they lack affection.