What Happens If You Ignore Narcissists?

If you choose not to bother or avoid contacting the narcissist, it is likely to trigger specific reactions, and I’m going to discuss the reactions people experience this day. You might still be in contact with the narcissist, and you’re considering moving on, or perhaps you’re not sure what he’d think if you did leave, or maybe you’re curious since you’re fascinated by the predators that are as I am and would like to learn more. Whatever the case, we’ll discuss how the narcissist will react to your inability to respond.

1 Will Kill You

I probably don’t speak about smear tactics as often as I should; I’ll only talk about them in this article. In short, if you do not meet with a narcissist or quit talking to them after a time, you’ll be the victim of an attack. The narcissist will speak to anyone willing to listen and place you on blast. The defamation campaign will make you look bad, and this is where the narcissist is driving you insane. The corrupt person lies, cheats, and alters to reflect what transpired between the two of you to fit their needs.

They don’t get sympathy from others because of this, but they also use it to acquire new products. We’ll discuss this shortly, and they will talk about you. The most harmful people may become hostile towards you if you consider themselves narcissists.

2 Are Expected to Receive New Products

If you’re on the move, don’t believe NARC will let your sheets cool before bringing someone else in. The person coming in may be in the scene long before you step out. The new story will discover how strong you are as the narcissist has been smothering you. This is the issue we have just discussed. Most stories cry out to make the new items feel bad for them. And this triggers the brand new product to repair the little wounded bird problem that the narcissist is fond of. You’ll hear lots of brand-new products and listen to them frequently.

Then, “I can fix it, and you can too” because the narcissist has cried the truth. Don’t be fooled by the fact that NARC isn’t likely to make this love story go viral across social media since they do. They’re doing it purposefully; I’m not sure they wouldn’t. The goal is to get an immediate reaction from you. They attempt to get you to stop ignoring their messages and to talk to them or stop contact with them. Don’t be a victim, Please.

3 Will Hover

It’s a big deal if you do not have a contact number and aren’t being treated with respect or if you’re disregarding what you already have. You’ve not been patient enough to be damaged in the past. Herfy was waiting for three months to be rescued; some could take up to 20 years, and most return to swear and look at what they observe.

There could be a lot of texts and phone calls that can be very irritating. This is why you need to block them from all forms of communication, even if you treat them with silence. I wouldn’t suggest this, but regardless of the reason you’re not talking, you can stop these calls and texts.

4 Flying Monkey Attack

The term “flying monkey” refers to one who does business for the narcissist. This may be done without the person even knowing what they’re doing. If the supply of new material reaches you, it’s a flying monkey. The psychopath has probably instructed him to take it.

The narcissist is an expert in puppetry and always pulls the strings. The new show may not wish to get into your head. It’s all done at the behest of the narcissist. If family and friends of the narcissist have a conversation, NARC will likely have been told that.

Many people we believe to be flying monkeys may be attempting to hurt others; they aren’t aware that what they’re doing is a threatening act. Sometimes, they know precisely what they’re doing and use this to entice you to seek out the narcissist.

The narcissist might be able to contact your relatives and friends to try to persuade you to talk with them once more. It’s an attempt to snoop through proxy. It’s such a cowardly act that they don’t even bother to come at you to make contact, or they’re too strict, and even though they’ve blocked all communication, they try to contact you. This is usually done when the narcissist knows you won’t get them directly.

5 She’ll chase you

You’ll be stalked, and I’m not trying to scare you. Most stalking that is not quoted occurs through social media. In the present, if you have more storage issues in real life, be sure to inform authorities in restraining order cases to protect yourself and other things similar to this. This is why I, along with every coach, encourage you not to engage with liars using social media, even if they don’t interact with your account via Facebook and Instagram. However, they do not connect to them. They watch the content you post and watch the things you post.

Narcissists think that we’re their property and feel as if we are their property even after they’ve gotten rid of us when we’re in silence therapy or whatever they believe they own us, even when they don’t need us. They would like to know what you’ll do, so don’t reveal your information to them.

6 They apologize

Narcissists have a myriad of methods to persuade you to go and speak to them repeatedly. They can then keep on causing you to be upset. If you’re in a constant state of remorse or sweet talk and butter, but in the future, fakes could show up in the form of idealism or love bombardment. Whatever you choose to call it, some nostalgia will pop up here. Any apology from a narcissist will be fake. Remember, whenever you get an apology and believe you’ve got a genuine apology from him. One of the aspects of narcissism that is lacking is honesty.

7 You’ll Get Hustle, and You Will Feel Regret

If sweet talk isn’t working and they fail, as the most attempt at first, you’ll be left with something different if that doesn’t work. Narcissists hate it when their standard methods aren’t working anymore. You are more burdened by them to seek items from, and just like a dangerous virus, they adjust to their environment.

You may get lengthy speeches in which she explains it’s a pain, but they don’t need you. They accuse you of being a cheater and lying and display their bad behavior towards you, then you sit and think, “if you’re that awful,” what’s the point of staying? If a narcissist is criticized or ignored for whatever reason, they typically critique in this manner to justify why they are not paying attention or even ignoring them. They want to make it acceptable to them in their mind. So, they have determined that you’re worthless anyway, so the fact that you aren’t worth anything is because they don’t want you always.